Our services

Our goal is effective production logistics at a reasonable price. Today and every day we have at our disposal and apply everything needed to achieve it: modern information technologies, automated management, and high qualification of specialists. We can free our customers entirely from necessity of solving logistic problems and take upon ourselves the said concerns completely.

Customs declaration

Customs procedures are performed in all customs bodies of Saint Petersburg, and, thanks to remote release technology, in other regions of Russia also (see the list). Therefore, independently of location of your enterprise, we can offer you the most effective logistic solution with registration of goods on the way of their transportation.

The distinctive feature of the company are high qualification of specialists in customs registration, supported by own legal practice, conducted by highly qualified lawyers at foreign economic activity, and individual approach to solving of problems of every customer, which allows working out the most handy and effective service for the customer.

Our specialists can speak foreign languages fluently, and will readily undertake communication with foreign suppliers, thereby providing for necessary communication level for avoidance of errors and misunderstanding during shipment of goods. Our goal is to relieve the customer from necessity of preparation of documents on their own; at that, with understanding of importance of accurate supplies for production process, we take upon ourselves the responsibility for timely release of goods.

Freight forwarding

Today there are many forwarders in the market, but it is always convenient when customs registration and organization of transportation are in the same hands. First of all, it exempts a participant of foreign economic activity from necessity to organize interaction between the customs representative and the forwarder, coordinate their activity and provide documentation exchange.

Besides, it allows solving the issue of responsibility for terms of transportation and delays in registration. We take upon ourselves the obligations of interaction with suppliers during shipment of goods and drawing-up cargo transportation documents, solve the problems connected with customs registration in the countries of forwarding or destination, provide surveyor’s services if necessary, provide for short terms of delivery both general and assorted cargoes in composition of consolidated consignments. And all this is at very attractive prices.

Legal support

Permanent legal support is essential under conditions of complicated and ever-changing customs legislation. It’s not mere current consultations on separate issues that may arise, but also full value accompanying of foreign transactions, starting from the moment of planning the contract, long before its conclusion. Our specialists can pick out the instructions and directives which concern your business directly and help you to make necessary corrections in all logistic processes.

Preliminary decisions on nomenclature of goods, licenses and certificates, certificates of the state registration of goods, and many other necessary documents in many cases can be drawn up with our help in optimal time.

A great privilege for foreign investors is a possibility to import manufacturing equipment as a contribution to the authorized share capital, which allows for preferential duty. You can also rely on our lawyers’ support on this issue.