About our company

History and brief information

The company was founded in 1997 and has preserved the same structure of ownership since then; all four owners are acting directors of the company and have practice. The staff of the enterprise was 10 persons at the moment of its establishment, and presently more than 100 employers work for us.

The profile of activity hasn’t changed: the enterprise provides the whole range of services in the sphere of production logistics: organizing of transportation of all kinds of equipment, materials, and finished product on door-to-door terms; customs registration applicable to any procedures, and drawing-up necessary permissive documents, as well as warehousing activities.

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Our customers and projects

We suppose that the best recommendation for a customs representative is its portfolio. We participated in construction of more than fifty industrial objects in many regions of our country for almost 20 years of our history. You can see the largest of them on the map:

There are enterprises of different branches among them: metallurgy and mechanical engineering, automobile production, chemical, and woodworking industry, textile, linoleum, cement, plasterboard, home appliances, sanitary earthenware production plants and many others. Of course, every such project presupposes further accompanying of production activity of the enterprises, including support of all production chain, from import of raw materials and consumables to export of finished products and maintenance of equipment by transportation abroad for repair and supply of spare parts.

As we provided logistic support for the said projects, we had to deal with various tasks and difficulties, solved them successfully and found the best possible solutions for our clients, and also obtained the essential value for practice: versatile expertise, which now we are pleased to offer you. Import of equipment to authorized share capital with exemption from customs duties, obtaining the preliminary decisions concerning nomenclature for import of immense production lines under the single code TN VED (Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity), application of procedures of temporary import/export and processing, using status of authorized economic agent, remote declaration, participation in customs revisions with the purpose of confirmation of preferences and exemptions – it’s just a small part of what we can do, and would be glad to apply in your interests.